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Wuxi Tago Technology Corporation

is a company specializing in the supply of Thermal and Acoustic insulation in its work since 2007.

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aluminum foil pe laminate
Product description:
It works as a barrier to protect from moisture, condensation, solar heat, cold and ultraviolet rays that influence the final presentation of the products in which it is used, to preserve its quality.
Aluminum Foil PE laminate
Product description:
Thermal insulators for containers, through which you can protect your products and goods from temperature changes without the need to use special containers and keep the products at their proper temperature.
Fire Resistant Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Cloth Laminate
Product description:
Insulation Aluminum Foil Coated Fiberglass Cloth, is a glass fabric coated with aluminum with high requirements of tensile strength, water vapor permeability and fire Resistant.
Aluminum Foil Woven Fabric
Product description:
The Tago Woven Foil is manufactured laminating aluminium foil or metalized polyethylene (subject to required specications or needs) to high-density polyethylene woven fabric. The Tago Woven Foil range offers superior strength and durability.The woven foil is manufactured in accordance with international standards, and premium quality is guaranteed.Installation costs will also be reduced using the woven foil as this range does not require any extra support such as wire mesh or netting.The Tago Woven Foil range can also be manufactured based on custom sizes and composition.
Foil Scrim Kraft Facing (FSK)
Product description:
Our Insulation Material can be widely used in :Mental Building, Pole Barn ,Crawl Space, Roof, Ceiling ,Wall System, Basement, Garage, Freezer, Air-condition Pipe, works well in both extreme cold and Hot climate ,suit for New and Old building Structure.
Aluminum foil Radiant Barriers
Product description:
The heat-reflecting aluminium foil insulation is a popular choice among our clients here at Roofseal. The aluminium foil insulation reflects up to 97% of heat in the direction of its source and its reflectivity is maintained even after years of usage. External heat cannot enter the house, which increases energy efficiency. Heat is not transmitted from the outside to the inside, therefore less energy is generated by the air-conditioning system to cool down the house. Aluminium foil insulation is also lightweight and malleable, hence its position under the roof will not exert pressure on the structure of the house.
Aluminum foil/PET laminate film
Product description:
Aluminum foil PET laminate is the idea products for rubber foam, XPE foam, it is more stronger than normal one, can protect your products very well.
Self Wound Aluminum Foil Tape
Product description:
High tensile strength, easy for to operate, no waste and environment-friendly; easy for site bonding, with improved bonding efficiency, suitable for machine bonding.Suitable for fixation of radiator fin in refrigerators and freezers, and elimination and shielding of electromagnetic wave interference of various electronic products.
Aluminium Foil Laminated Non Woven Fabric
Product description:
It is highly advised to use our radiant barriers along with a ventilation system in order to evacuate the heat accumulated between the barrier and the tiles.
White film veneer
Product description:
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Our products have strict quality

control before, during, and after production, the company has passed the

ISO 9001, AWTA, BS, SGS product certification.

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